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Please contact the office via e-mail (info@2024040514457835nth5.conohawing.com) or phone (+81 (0)3 6671 0200). Discuss the date and time for the consultation. Please note I am not able to provide the consultation response via e-mail and phone/fax.
JPY11,000/30 minutes is a free (including the first conversation or my work is more than 30 minutes) and JPY33,000/hour charge is basic charge afterwards. The first consultation charge will be included to the fee if the client will request the work later.

Please check the list below for the basic charge though the Fee depends on the difficulty or page volume for drafting the agreement. I will make the estimation per your request.

item Minimum Fee (JPY, excluded tax)
Certification of Eligibility(*) 150,000~
Change of Status & Extension of Eligibility(*) 120,000~
Permanent Residence, Naturalisation 200,000~
Drafting Contract(Japanese) 70,000~
Drafting Contract(English) 100,000~
Reviewing Contract (Japanese) 50,000~
Reviewing Contract(English) 80,000~
Corporate Legal Counsel 50,000/1Month
Corporation or Branch Establishment 200,000~
Assist the Notarization of the Agreement 50,000~
Assist to create Inheritance Agreement 100,000~
Trust Agreement 250,000~
Certification of Document 30,000~

(*)When using Highly Skilled Foreign Professional Points, the fee will be added.

*the Fee is excluded consumption, withholding tax