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Entertainment, Contents Agreement and International Business

International Transaction & Legal Work

After entering and graduating Intellectual Property Program at Cardozo Law School in New York, I had been continuously dealing with the transaction with overseas, working with foreign based clients, including the work at Accounting Firm in New York and work at foreign based corporation after going back to Japan.

International Transaction

When you have a business with the foreign company and persons and require creating the joint venture, technical tie-up, or importing and exporting the products, our knowledge of the customs and characters of them, which are far similar to Japanese, will be useful for your business. We will help you from the first contact till the contract drafting, negotiation and agreement, the process of establishment of company.

General Legal Affairs

Our office accepts the work if you need the consultation of the legal solution for both of the private and company’s issues, cope with the trouble regarding the monetary issues, preventing the legal threats or submission of the document to the governmental bodies.

One-stop Service

Our mission is the satisfaction of the clients. If the task is outside of my specializations and areas, the office introduces another professional, such as Lawyer, Social Insurance Consultant, Accountant, or Patent Lawyer, licensed in Japan or overseas.