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Immigration matter & Corporation Establishment

Since registered as Immigration Administrator (Shinsei Toritsugi) at almost the same time of the acceptance of license of solicitor in Japan, I have been dealing with the advice or process for the persons or the corporations which require the certification of entry and stay in Japan or somebody wants to legally stay in the foreign countries.

Application of the certificate of eligibility, renewal, or change of status

Person who wants to stay legally with the families, by obtaining the income or for studying in Japan is required to obtain the certificate of eligibility at first. This is the different from Visa. Visa process needs to be done before the entry in Japan at the Japanese Consulate or Embassy. The person whose nationality is approved by the visa waiver status does not need the visa process before the entry in Japan (requires the process based on the CoE). Visa is authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and CoE is issued by the Ministry of Justice. It frequently happens that the person, who does not understand the difference between the visa and CoE, thinks and says CoE process is the equal to visa process. As Gyosei Shoshi, getting the immigration administration license, CoE, renewal, CoS (Change of Status), and application of permanent status, which require the procedure at the Immigration Bureau governed by the Ministry of Justice, are the main business area. Please check my blog “Lulu on the bridge” when you want to know the latest information of the immigration matter and the modification of the regulation as the following link; http://ishibashi-legal.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/

Establishment of Corporation, Agent Work

Recently, the policy and system accepting the overseas’ investment or high skilled personnel become far better than before. That said, it is not easy for the foreigners to establish the corporation and other processes without any help since English is not default language, the process has to be done by hardcopies, and the Japanese governmental bodies and banks have lots of unique custom and complicated processes. If you hired us as a middleman, interpreter and agent, the process is drastically faster than do them by yourselves.

Process, Interpretation, and Translation regarding the transaction with overseas

Apostils which requires to the process at Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Notary Public Office (Kosho Yakuba), obtaining visa at the embassy or consular outside of Japan, Notarization, Correspondence (communication with the counterpart of the transaction), translation (attaching declaration of accuracy) of the documents requiring the application at the foreign countries, Our office will accept such works. Please contact our office without hesitance.

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