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Entertainment, Contents Agreement and International Business

Drafting Contracts

After graduating Law School in New York, she’s been dealing with whole contract matters as legal counsel, or contract manager at Entertainment, IT, manufacturing corporations. For individual or organization’s clients, which mainly focus on the Entertainment, IT related or licensing business, the office provides various types of contract drafting, negotiation or consulting services.

Drafting and Negotiation of all types of Contracts and Legal Documents

Our office will help you to create the contract and negotiation from business related contracts, such as Transaction, Sales or Sub-Contract Agreements which will be required for organization and/or individual to legal documents, such as Family Trust, Divorce Agreement, or Will related documents, which will be needed for private life. Quality is guaranteed.

Intellectual Property, License Agreement

Our office will help the license deal (licensor side, or licensee side, how to obtain the license) , or transfer the rights of other IPs (Copyright, Trademark and Patent are the three main area of IP though), such as Company’s asset including Trade Secret and Know-how, with another party abroad by drafting, reviewing and negotiating agreements both in English and Japanese.

Copyrights, Digital Contents

Copyright and Digital Contents – You do not need to register Copyright in Japan because you become automatically copyright owner at the time of the creation. The copyright registration can be used as an evidence of copyright owner for the litigation when the third party imitates or uses your copyrighted product without your consent, but not required. Rather, it’s more important to spend the money and time how to protect or license to others for the copyrighted or non-copyright but useful products.

*English and Japanese agreements available for draft, review or negotiation

Recent case

Recent cases on “LANDSLIDE” Volume 10, published and/or distributed American Bar Association, dealing the case

“Fouth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. Wall-Street.com, LLC, 856 F. 3d 1338, 122 U.S. P.Q. 2d 1586 (11th Cir. 2017)”,

“Fox Television Stations, Inc. v. Aerokiller, LLC, 851 F.3d 1002 (9th Cir. 2017)”,

and more. See details for clicking the link below;


Star Athletica, LLC v. Varsity Brands, Inc.

On March 2017, The Supreme Court determined there are copyrightable materials and sided with Varsity Brands and other respondents. The district court ruled in favor of Star Athletica under the theory that the designs were utilitarian in that they identified the uniforms as uniforms and The Sixth Circuit then reversed that decision and ruled in favor of Varsity, reasoning that the designs on the uniforms were separately identifiable as graphic designs separate from the uniforms. The Supreme Court examined the designs on the cheerleader uniforms via two-step-test and found that the designs were worthy of copyright. Under Article 110. This decision may affect the apparels industry which manufactures and distribute fast fashion.