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PHAMALY 2/15-16, 2020- true colors festival – musical, documentary and….


True Colors Festival is created by people who aspire for a society where everyone supports each other regardless of their differences in abilities, gender, age, and nationalities. Various performing arts programs will be presented throughout the year bringing together diverse groups of people through collaboration and participation, stimulating awareness on many levels – from URL of True Colors Festival organized and operated by NIPPON FOUNDATION and NIPPON FOUNDATION DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS, one of my clients.

February is a month of MUSICAL. Denver oriented musical Theatre “PHAMALY” ,social narrative of disability to effect greater inclusion, participation, and respect for people with disabilities in all facets of society through their innovative production in the United States. Phamaly’s original members and two Japanese actors will perform the musical “Honk!”, originated by Andersen story of The Ugly Duckling. It’s amazing and must check. See you on the Brillia Hall, located at Ikebukuro, East Side. More details, please see the link as follows.

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