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Personal Information Protection Policy

Ishibashi Legal Office (“Office”) receives personal information from the clients as Legal Office dedicated to provide the legal service. Office hereby stated Personal Information Protection Policy as below, and complies with the laws, ordinances of personal information protection (“Personal Information Protection Law”), and other related ordinances

1.Collection of Personal Information

Office will collect personal information as necessary and justifiable methods for the purpose of use stated as next Article and will not collect it by any illegal means.

2.Purposes of Use of Personal Information

Office will specify the purpose of use of personal information within the scope of intended purposes of use that Office clarified at the time of collection unless the justifiable reasons otherwise, and will take the applicable measures not to be used beyond that scope.

3.Restrictions of Disclosure to Third Parties

Office will endeavor to keep personal information accurate and latest version. Office will prepare the necessary and appropriate condition for preventing the disclosure, destruction or damage of personal data and implement the strict security measures.

4.Supply Personal Data to third party

Office will not provide personal information to any third party unless;

(i) obtain informed consent from clients in advance,

(ii) demand of national or local governments or subject of regulations, or

(iii) necessary to protect person’s life, body or property and difficult to obtain clients consent.

5.Request of Notice, Disclosure, Amend or Discontinuance of Utilization of Personal Data

Office will accept the request from the clients who are specified by personal information to disclose or revise the personal data we hold.

6.Queries of Personal Information

Please send the message to the following address when you have query for personal information protection policy or measurement.

Email: privacy@2024040514457835nth5.conohawing.com

7.Continuous Endeavor to Protect Personal Information

Office will make efforts to protect personal information continuously and to adapt changes and demands in society promptly hereafter.