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Join an immigration portal site “Relocate” as Ambassador

I recently joined as the advisor to the portal site “Relocate.” This portal site connects the client who wants to stay for a long time at some foreign country and the immigration lawyer or specialist who can help such long stay or immigration. The great things of this service are (1) iit introduces me as the new advisor via LinkedIn and (2) explains what is a Gyosei Soshi on the article (I modified this article to explain more accurately), which is difficult to understand for the foreigners who wants to immigrate to Japan. Because, generally, immigration matter is handled by immigration lawyer. Although you will ask my service regarding immigration matter via the query form of this site directly, strength of Relocate is the “Remote service” – the immigration lawyer can provide and the client can receive. There are lots of Article regarding the varieties of countries immigration condition. So you may speculate which country you are able to immigrate/reside.

Please check Relocate and see this smart & fascinating service.

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