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True Colors Festival – “Extra Diversity Arts Festival”

One of my clients, THE NIPPON FOUNDATION DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS, which I help for obtaining the residence of certificates for foreign artists and agreements & contract matters, will hold the big events around Tokyo until & upcoming  Tokyo Paralympic- 2020. The first events will be held street performance by ILL-ABILITIES – international brake-dance group. On September 10th, 2019, at Shibuya Steam (in case it’s raining it will be changed the venue near Shibuya South Side). I saw their performance and it’s really amazing. Please come by when you have a chance to be Tokyo. More detail the official website is here, Face book link is here.

This is not the main subject but I totally agree with the blog written by Mr. Yohei Sasagawa, the chairman of NIPPON FOUNDATION, about the warning of proper transaction about previous group SMAP, which is very courageous. I was also surprised some comment for this blog, which contains like slander. Either way, every artist or persons get together beyond the office boundary and cooperate for the success of Tokyo Paralympic 2020.

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