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Entertainment, Contents Agreement and International Business

Junko Ishibashi is a solicitor in Japan (Gyosei Shoshi), expertise of International Legal Affairs, IP licensing, Immigration, and Corporate Law.
If you need advice from the person knowing foreign laws, obtaining eligibility to stay in Japan or abroad (Certificate of Eligibility, Change of Status, or general visa matters), or contracts, written in Japanese or English, review or draft, our office will take care of these matters both in Japanese or English.
International Transaction & General Legal Matters
want to advance into overseas market, or outsourcing the legal affairs
-Our office will accept the international transaction, secretarial and legal affairs for the individual, or corporate clients.
Immigration matter & Corporation Establishment
want to temporary or perpetually stay in Japan or establish the corporation abroad
-Our office will advise and process on behalf of you about the permission or renewal of stay, visa application, and establishment of corporation inside or outside of Japan.
  • Business related contracts, such as transaction, sales or sub-contract agreements
  • Legal documents, such as Family trust, divorce agreement, or will which will be needed for private life
our office willingly accepts to draft, review or negotiations of the agreements both in English and Japanese.

Moving to the new office at Toranomon.